Calling All Blog & Podcast Nerds

09 Mar 2021, Posted by Karey Clements in Blog, Uncategorized
Content, Content, Content. Every single marketing guru tells you to create content. There are a gabizzilion blogs, podcasts, articles, sites, posts telling all companies…YOU MUST HAVE CONTENT. The Foodservice industry is probably not in the top 10 industries using digital content to grow their businesses and we’d argue that is a big problem. The good news is you can take baby steps and improve as you go. Yes, it’s better to have a big ad agency or media consultant help you, but few of us have that kind of dough (get it?). Commercial Food Service Equipment & Supply manufacturers have room for improvement just like the rest of us. Here are some highlights of Foodservice E & S focused digital content. Not all of it is super splashy, but we found these informative and helpful. Hope you do too. These sites aren’t just solely product driven, but balance their sales message with truly helpful info. Automation: Video / Automated Prep Lines Podcast / ROI on automation – time to change our thinking. Water Filtration (we recommend consuming all of this content – you will probably want to change your filtration system though): Video / Ultrafiltration (easier and less expensive operation) Video / Water Hardness Video / How VZN works (very helpful) Blog / Summer Beverages (what’s the key component to beverages?) Podcast / Melissa Neckopulos makes it fun to learn about water filtration. For real. Solutions: Blog / What in the world is a Multi-Drawer Steamer and how can it speed up service (this is genius) Blog / Expanding into new dayparts (daypart – breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, snack) Energy Conservation: Continental Refrigerator was awarded Energy Star 2020 Partner of the Year. That shows commitment and we wanted to give them the shout out! CresCor manufacturers several Energy Star rated holding cabinets. What we find especially cool is their Solar Field. Design: If you are a kitchen designer / planner the Continental KCL library is the bees knees. Brick ovens – not just for pizza. Wow! A brick oven manufacturer with Revit files. Yup. Marra Forni has ’em. Learning: Franke Coffee Systems hosts workshops and seminars to help expand knowledge base of coffee beans, coffee preparation and of course coffee. Want to open a pizza business? Marra Forni has in-person Pizza University right in their facility in Beltsville, MD. PRS is much more than a PPE provider. They offer Telehealth and other COVID-19 resources. We found this Vitamin D and Immune Strength blog post very helpful. Trends: Blog / Lakeside puts out some useful and well researched content. Their latest on Ghost Kitchens, Hotels post-COVID and digital tools are worth the quick read. Webinar / 2021 Foodservice Trends – you can download the presentation or watch the recorded webinar. Pretty nifty.