Raw Tortillas? Step up the quality of your tacos!

13 Mar 2018, Posted by Chris Waltman in Chris' Corner
Tacos are trending across the nation and the price point is ranging from $1 up to $5 (or more for specialty meats).  Attention to detail is what sets apart the different establishments selling tacos.  The components that elevate the quality and experience of the taco include unique garnishes, house made specialty sauces, and cooked from raw tortillas.  Customers will travel out of their way and pay a premium price to get smoked brisket taco with a spicy fire roasted poblano cream, pickled red onions, cotija, avocado, and micro cilantro on a fresh housed toasted tortilla paired with a lime wedge and a small side of street style elotes. Garnishes can be easily procured, house made specialty sauces can be made in bulk batches, but cooking tortillas from raw can be labor intensive and inconsistent.  Every once and a while you will find that one line cook that can toast the perfect raw tortilla consistently on a plancha or flat top grill but will turn over as high as it is you will soon loose them to the joint down the street for an extra $2 $1 an hour. Well you have two options…
  1. Go buy the high end all in one tortilla press and toasted combo (no need for brand names here) that will take 8-10 square feet of retail space and require a ventilation system over head. This option takes a lot of money, time, and space.
  2. Consider the Antunes GST-1H to crank out large quantities of fresh tortillas in a fraction of the time. Pair with a hand press or even procure prepressed dough balls for ease.
The Antunes GST-1H can cook raw tortillas in 30-45 seconds as compared to the flat top grill that takes 2-3 mins with an employee oversight.  Even par baked tortillas can be toast in this unit in 10-20 seconds.