Welcome Antunes to our family.

12 Oct 2016, Posted by Karey Clements in News
We’ve had a busy summer at FH&W, Inc.  Updates haven’t been coming to you as often as they could have.  Some GREAT news is the addition of Antunes to our family. Antunes is celebrating 60 years in business so it seems so appropriate that they join our agency this year when we have been celebrating our 30th birthday. Restaurant chains have come to count on Antunes to help them identify and solve problems in their operations.  From adding breakfast items to improving work flow, Antunes works to design and manufacture equipment for the specific purpose of improving their customers success. Check out their web site resources for videos, case studies and solutions. Be sure you come see Antunes @ the annual Kitchen Equipment & New Technology Expo.   We are going all out for our 30th.  We will be all decked out to honor 1986.  It’s going to be like totally awesome!  For sure! 182219-fhw_80ssunglasses_for_web