Work Safety – Move it right

01 Jun 2016, Posted by Karey Clements in Blog, Uncategorized
submitted by:  Brandon Cotton One of the most important aspects of any company is worker safety. When an employee is injured, employers lose out on that person’s experience, knowledge as well as their labor of course. Multiply this out into multiple employees and the costs can become quite severe. Some of the most common injuries are those done to the lower back. These often occur when we over exert ourselves trying to life more than we should. This can lead to pulled muscles, pinched nerves, and other problems that will often sideline an employee. And as we said, we lose not only that employee’s labor; we lose that experience and job knowledge. So how do we prevent these injuries while also moving our product where we need it to be? How do we prioritize productivity and worker safety? Email us for assistance in choosing the right cart for the right floor, capacity and job.