K-12 to Elder Care

09 May 2016, Posted by Karey Clements in Blog, Uncategorized
Lakeside Manufacturing used to only be known as the cart company.  Today the line has swelled to include modifiable and custom mobile solutions.  This manufacturing flexibility has been a relief to operators looking for solutions in kitchens in K-12, Colleges, Chain Restaurants, Hotels, Corporate Cafeterias, Banquet Facilities, Hospitals, Elder Care Facilities, LTAC Facilities, Prisons and Country Clubs to name a few of the industries we serve. Clients can now modify existing equipment to suit their concept and solve their challenges.  Furthermore, they can work with us to start from the ground up to build mobile equipment to address new challenges and make improvements to their operational processes. K-12 / Because Breakfast in the Classroom has been a challenge to districts all over the U.S. Lakeside’s collaboration with our customers on mobile kiosks and carts has evolved from plain, small carts to eye catching, customer engaging mini-serving stations. Elder Care & Healthcare / Hydration carts  don’t have to be just stainless steel or old pattern laminates.  As we age our vision changes.  Color and texture appearances change and the addition of customized graphics increase visual understanding and interest.   Adding colorful photos and artwork to service carts can be a visually encouraging way for elder care residents to increase their crucial fluid intake. Elder care facilities can use the hydration carts during regular meal times to encourage an extra water or juice, but we also suggest some mocktail parties to spice things up.   Interaction and involvement are both important to residents and their families.