It’s easy being green with microwaves

04 May 2016, Posted by Karey Clements in Blog, News
Microwave ovens have been around since 1967 (thank you Amana). Since they hit the residential market there have been myths bouncing about and still many chefs, operators and other foodservice professionals are unaware of the tremendous benefits of microwaves in their commercial operations. Myth #1: Microwaving food makes it rubbery Truth: Controlling microwave power levels allows you to cook to the perfect texture. Many Amana Commercial Products ovens have 11 power levels, from 0 to 100% microwave power.   Myth #2: Microwaves are harmful Truth: Microwaves are less harmful than sunlight.   On the electromagnetic spectrum, microwaves are closest to radio waves.   green beans canstockphoto13452449Myth #3: Microwaves take out vegetables’ nutrients Truth: When compared to boiling vegetables, far less water soluble nutrients leach out of the veggies during microwave cooking. BONUS: Cooking veggies in microwave gives you better retention of texture and color.   Myth #4: Microwaved food is cooked from the inside out. Truth: Food is cooked from the outside in. Microwaves penetrate the food about ¾”, then heat is conducted through the rest of the food.   Myth #5: Microwaves consume a lot of energy Truth: Microwave ovens only use energy when on, there is no idling or preheating required. They use considerably less energy to cook food than conventional methods.