10 + Things You Didn’t Know About the Food Management Act

22 Mar 2016, Posted by fhwadmin in News
10 + Things You Didn’t Know About the Food Management Act New Food Management Changes. Are you ready? With the signing of the new Food Management Act changes, there are some new rules food service directors should be aware of… Bimetal thermometers. Are they telling you the truth about your food temperatures? Food Management Act 4-302.12 states that Food Temperature Measuring Devices should be accurate in thin foods and discourages AGAINST the use of bimetal thermometers. Digital thermometers are the way to go! A simple switch that will literally SAVE YOUR BACON! Other Major Changes to the Texas Food Establishment Rules to be ready for: 1. Items that were Non-Critical items will now be debited items such as floors, walls, ceilings and lights. 2. Establishments that use “Bare Hand Contact” of ready-to-eat foods will be REQUIRED to have an APPROVED “Bare Hand Contact” policy on file that is available for viewing upon request by the inspector. 3. Any establishment using a specialized process, HACCP plan or variance MUST have documentation of that process, HACCP plan or variance on site for review by the inspector in order to confirm conformance with any of those procedures. Failure to conform with any of these procedures is a debited item. 4. “BULK” food labeling is now a debited item. 5. Wiping cloths not properly stored or used is now a debited item. 6. Equipment condition such as worn or missing gaskets on coolers/walk-ins are now debited items. 7. Exterior doors and restroom doors that are not self-closing or tight fitting are now debited items. 8. Lack of approved hair restraints are now a debited item. 9. Signage is REQUIRED at ALL designated hand sinks that instruct employees that hands must be washed before returning to work. The lack of signage is a debited item. 10. It is now a debited item if employees fail to use a paper towel to turn off the faucet at a hand sink or open a restroom door. 11. Improperly maintained trash dumpsters are now a debited item. How can FH&W Help? Our Digital thermometers! Worry no more about the accuracy of your temperatures or calibration of your thermometers! Post by:  Alicia Dees / Forbes Hever & Wallace, Inc.  San Antonio/Central Texas Rep

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